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Colorado Springs Skylight Services

Bring Natural Light to Your Home or Business

Would you like to have more light in your home or business without increasing your energy bills? Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can positively affect well-being, mood, and productivity. Many business owners have started to install skylights to allow for increased exposure to natural light. At All Rite, we have years of experience in the business and are familiar with all the skylight options that are on the market. We can help you install a skylight in your roof during normal routine maintenance, repairs, or even as part of roof replacement services.

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Reasons to Consider Installing Skylights

When installed properly by a licensed and insured contractor, skylights can be a wonderful addition to any residential or commercial building. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they offer a number of other benefits, such as increased energy efficiency. Whether you have a residential property or you own an industrial facility, a federal building, or an office space, we can help incorporate a skylight on your property. We can also take care of all repairs for existing skylights, should damage occur.

The benefits of adding skylights to your building include:

  • Improved lighting
  • Healthy exposure to sunlight
  • Save on your energy costs
  • Reduce excess odors, moisture, and heat
  • Thermal ventilation and comfort

Installation & Repair of Solar Tube Skylights

Solar tube skylights—also known as a tubular skylight—are a type of skylight which is much more reliable and efficient than any other types of skylights. They use specialized light refraction technology and a dome reflector which together allow for the maximum light output into your space.

This type of skylight is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, which means once our Colorado Springs skylight technicians have handled the installation, you will be worry-free. Our experienced team at All Rite can provide you with the maintenance, repair, and installation of these high-quality and long-lasting skylights for your residential, commercial, or industrial roof.

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